This is a good recipe for farmed salmon. The salmon ends up tasting distinctly salmony, with none of the flavoring ingredients being particularly noticeable.


Cooking time for salmon steaks is about 15 minutes altogether. Wash salmon steak(s) and dry with paper towels.

Melt butter in frying pan (with cover). Add salmon steak(s) and crushed garlic. Cook 8 minutes, 30 seconds.

Turn salmon steak(s) over and baste. Add soy sauce, salt, and place lemon slices on top of steak(s). Cook the second side for 6 minutes, 30 seconds altogether. When 3 minutes, 45 seconds is remaining on the timer, baste salmon and cover pan.

Serve salmon and pour remaining sauce over. If too little sauce remains, deglaze pan with a small amount of water and pour over.

Serves 2

from a suggestion on a fish package

Skinned salmon fillet can also be used; total cooking time is about 12 minutes.