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John Collins

I live in Boston. I am married to Nichola Collins. I work for MyFonts, a web site that helps people find fonts, try fonts and, we hope, buy fonts.

Some of my current interests are:

  • Bicycling along the Charles and the Minuteman bicycle paths.
  • Just about anything connected with preparing and enjoying food.
  • Listening to Wagner, Bach, Mahler, jazz and some oldies.
  • I also like learning about the history of industrial and transportation development, by visiting industrial archeology sites, bridges, canals, locks, and mills. Lowell, MA, has lots of good stuff; but my favorite sites of this kind are the hydraulic lift locks at Peterborough and Kirkfield, Ontario, and Foxton Locks in Leicestershire, England, with a staircase of 10 locks and an abandoned inclined plane.

Some current favorite web sites: